California's Medicaid State Plan (Title XIX)

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The Medicaid State Plan is based on the requirements set forth in Title XIX of the Social Security Act and is a comprehensive written document created by the State of California that describes the nature and scope of its Medicaid (Medi-Cal) program.  It serves as a contractual agreement between the State of California and the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and must be administered in conformity with specific requirements of Title XIX of the Social Security Act and regulations outlined in Chapter IV of the Code of Federal Regulations. The State Plan contains all information necessary for CMS to determine if the State can receive Federal Financial Participation (FFP) for its Medicaid program. This website includes the current Medicaid State Plan for California as well as State Plan Amendments (SPAs). For all Title XXI- Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) State Plan Amendments please visit the CHIP Homepage

​For all tribal notifications related to SPAs, please visit the SPA PRIHD page. 

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​California State Plan

A description of California's State Medicaid Program, containing the following sections: Single State Agency, Coverage and Eligibility, Services, Administration, Personnel Administration, Financial Administration, General Provisions and MAGI-Based Income Methodologies. These sections are updated as SPAs are approved by CMS.

Proposed SPAs

Proposed SPAs which would change statewide methods and standards for Medicaid payment rates. All of these SPAs require a Public Notice prior to submission to CMS. This page provides a link to all SPA Public Notices within the past three years. Once these SPAs are submitted to or approved by CMS they are also posted in the pending or approved SPAs pages linked below.

Pending SPAs

SP​As that have been submitted by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to CMS for review and are currently pending approval.

Withdrawn SPAs

SPAs that have been submitted to CMS and then subsequently formally withdrawn by DHCS.

Approved SPAs

SPAs​ to the California State Plan that have been approved by CMS.​

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