Cost and Reimbursement Comparison Schedules for FY 2016-17

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Submission Deadline

The resubmission deadline for the Cost and Reimbursement Comparison Schedule (CRCS) for Fiscal Year 2016-17 is August 31​, 2022.

Mandatory CRCS Requirement

Participants in the LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option (LEA BOP) are required to annually certify, through the CRCS process, that the public funds expended to provide LEA BOP services are eligible for federal financial participation. Therefore, continued enrollment in the LEA BOP is contingent upon timely submission of the CRCS each fiscal year. Failure to meet this requirement may result in suspension from the LEA BOP.

LEA Annual Reimbursement Report

Note: The LEA Annual Reimbursement Report will assist LEAs to complete CRCS Worksheets A-4 and B-4. LEAs should verify the reasonableness between your internal accounting system and the LEA Annual Reimbursement Report and accurately input encounters, units and reimbursement information for each procedure code/modifier combination on your CRCS form. Potential discrepancies between the LEA Annual Reimbursement Report and your internal system numbers should be documented to support the numbers you input on the CRCS forms and to provide an accounting documentation trail for review and audit.

FY 2016-17 CRCS and Certification of Zero Reimbursement Forms

  • FY 2016-17 CRCS Form​s (pending update

  • FY 2016-17 CRCS Instructions (pending update)

  • FY 2016-17 Certification of Zero Reimbursements

  • LEAs that do not receive any Medi-Cal reimbursement in the LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option Program for services that were provided in the State Fiscal Year 2016-17 must submit the "Certification of Zero Reimbursement for LEA Services" DHCS Form 2437a and are not required to submit the CRCS Form 2437. Submit the Zero Reimbursement Form by November 30, 2018 to LEA.CRCS.Submission@dhcs.ca.gov  and use the following naming convention: 

  • Fiscal Year.NPI Number.Business LEA Name.Submission Date.ZERO CRCS 

    • ​​​​​Example: FY1617.9726458910.CaliforniaSchoolDistrict.11.21.2018.ZERO CRCS.PDF

CRCS Submission Process 

 LEAs must submit the following electronic files no later than November 30, 2018, to LEA.CRCS.Submission@dhcs.ca.gov:

  • Excel version of the completed CRCS form (all worksheets)

  • Scanned version of the original signed CRCS form (i.e., PDF, JPEG, etc.)

CRCS electronic files and the subject line of the email must follow this naming convention: Fiscal Year.NPI Number.Business LEA Name.Submission Date

  • CRCS Fiscal Year Example: FY1617.1234567890.SampleSchoolDistrict.10.15.2018.CRCS.XLS (or .PDF)

When a CRCS is submitted, the LEA will receive an automated response from the Cost Report Tracking Section (CRTS) of Financial Audits Branch, informing the LEA that their report was received for processing.

  • If CRTS processes the report over the following weeks and accepts it, the LEA will then receive a second email from CRTS informing the LEA that their CRCS was accepted. When the CRCS is accepted, the initial submission date will begin the three-year timeline in which the CRCS must be audited. 

  • If CRTS processes the report over the following weeks and deems the submission unacceptable, the LEA will be notified that they must make a correction and resubmit the CRCS. Once CRTS receives the resubmission and deems the resubmission acceptable, the LEA will then receive an email from CRTS informing them that their CRCS was accepted. In cases of resubmission, the resubmission date that is associated with the accepted report (not the initial report) will begin the three-year timeline in which the CRCS must be audited.

LEAs are required to maintain the original hard copy CRCS with all worksheets and the Certification page signed in blue ink on site for DHCS A&I audit purposes, if necessary. 

CRTS is implementing a 100% reimbursement withhold on providers who are more than 30 days past the due date of the CRCS. The 100% withhold will be lifted once the delinquent CRCS has been submitted and has passed the acceptance review.

Required Documentation

DHCS Audits and Investigations (A&I) staff will conduct a desk or field audit of the CRCS to determine the final settlement amount. Supporting documents must be maintained by each LEA for a minimum of three years from the date of final submission of the CRCS. These documents must be verifiable by A&I. LEA providers may appeal the determinations made by DHCS pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code, Section 14171.

CRCS Questions/Contacts

Audit Report Questions: LEAAuditQuestions@DHCS.CA.GOV​
Annual Reimbursement Report Requests: LEA@DHCS.CA.GOV
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