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FAQs by Subject 

Assessment Policy and Billing 
Contracted Practitioners 
DHCS PHI Security Requirements 
Documentation and Record Retention Requirements 
Eligibility Verification and DUA 
Free Care and Other Health Coverage 
General Program Requirements 
LEA Service Limitations 
Nursing and School Health Aide Treatment Services 
​​Parental Consent and Patient Confidentiality 
Prescriptions, Referrals, Recommendations, and Protocol 
Rendering Practitioner Qualification
Supervision Requirements
Targeted Case Management 
Treatment Service Billing
Units of Service and Reimbursement Rates

Ordering, Referring and Prescribing FAQs 


Training FAQs 

LEA BOP Training Page​

Archived FAQs

Assessment Policy and Billing (dated 10/20/16)

Contracted Practitioners (dated 7/3/15) 

CRCS (dated 10/26/15)

DHCS PHI Security Requirements (dated 7/3/15)

Documentation and Record Retention Requirements (dated 7/8/16)

Eligibility Verification and DUA (dated 7/8/16)

Free Care and Other Health Coverage (dated 10/20/16)

General Program Requirements (dated 7/8/16)

LEA Service Limitations (dated10/20/16)

Nursing and School Health Aide Treatment Services (dated 10/20/16)

ORP FAQs (dated 6/18/18) 

Parental Consent and Patient Confidentiality (dated 7/30/14)

Prescriptions, Referrals, Recommendations, and Protocol (dated 11/1/16)

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