Licensing and Certification Division

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The Licensing and Certification Division (LCD) focuses on compliance with State and Federal statute, regulations, and other governing requirements.  LCD oversees licensing and certification functions, monitoring, and complaints for Driving-Under-the-Influence Programs, Narcotic Treatment Programs, and outpatient and residential providers.  LCD also oversees conducts complaint investigations on certified Alcohol and Other Drug counselors and counselor certification.  LCD is also responsible for the licensing, monitoring, unusual occurrence reviews, and complaints for Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers and Psychiatric Health Facilities, as well as the, approvals of  5150 facilities designated by the counties for the purpose of 72-hour treatment and evaluation under the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act and the Children's Civil Commitment and Mental Health Treatment Act.

Training & Resources

Resources and training opportunities are available free of charge to counties and eligible providers.  Please refer to Training and Resources for more information.

Contact Us

Public Number: (916) 322-2911

Toll Free Number: (877) 685-8333


The following reports can be accessed by visiting the Licensing & Certification Resources webpage:

  • Residential & Outpatient Licensed and/or Certified Facilities List
  • Temporary Suspension Order, Revoked and Notice of Operation in Violation of Program List
  • Revoked and/or Suspended Counselors  


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