Skilled Nursing Facilities

The skilled nursing facility fee is part of AB 1629 which enacted the Skilled Nursing Facility Quality Assurance Fee (QAF) Program and the Medi-Cal Long Term Care Reimbursement Act. This assembly bill modified the method and rate of reimbursement to facilities for providing long term care skilled nursing services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries. The QAF is based on an annual rate, multiplied by the number of resident days each month. All Freestanding Skilled Nursing Facility Level-Bs (FS/NF-B), Freestanding Skilled Adult Subacute Nursing Facilities (FSSA/NF-B) and Freestanding Pediatric Subacute Facilities Level-B (FS PSA/NF-B), except those that are exempt under Health and Safety Code, section 1324.20(b), are required to pay the QAF.
Each skilled nursing facility required to pay the QAF shall pay the QAF to the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) on a monthly basis. The QAF payment is due on or before the last day of the month following the month in which the fee is imposed. 
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved QAF rates for 2018-19 rate year. 

The current rates are $15.72 for less than 100,000 bed days per month and $14.46 for 100,000+ bed days per month. For the facilities that paid the 2017-18 QAF rate for the 2018-19 months, please submit a single rate adjustment payment for the $0.34 per bed day difference.

QAF SNF Payment Forms

Use the PDF form to electronically fill in the information required, before you print or print and hand write the information required.
Please make sure to enter your facility name, address, Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) number, and National Provider Identification (NPI) number (where applicable) so that your payment will be credited to the correct account.


The Department of Health Care Services now accepts Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Skilled Nursing Facility Quality Assurance Fee Program. For assistance with registering please use the following - Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Flyer.

SNF - QAF Rates by Fiscal Year

​Rate Year Less Than 100,000 Bed Days​ ​More Than 100,000 Bed Days
2007-08​ ​$8.27


​2008-09 ​$9.05 $8.05​
​2009-10 $11.16​ $10.12​
​2010-11 ​$13.08 $11.93​


Aug 11 - Dec 11 $14.33
Jan 12 - July 12 $14.42
Aug 11 - Dec 11 $13.43
Jan 12 - July 12 $13.46
​2012-13 $15.61​ $14.88​
​2013-14 ​$15.43 $14.40​


​$16.03 $15.15​
​2015-16 $16.26​ $15.39
​2016-17 ​$15.95 $14.85
​2017-18 ​$15.38 ​$14.28
2018-19​ ​$15.72 $14.46​

More information can be obtained at: Long Term Care Reimbursement AB 1629 Program 


Any questions about the QAF payments should be directed to:

Department of Health Care Services
Third Party Liability & Recovery Division
Quality Assurance Fee Program - MS 4720
P.O. Box 997425
Sacramento, CA  95899-7425

Phone: (916) 650-0583
Fax: (916) 440-5671 

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