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Continuous collaboration between DHCS and stakeholders/partners is critical to the development of the Performance Outcomes System. Stakeholders/partners are specified in the legislation and include representatives and advocates of child and youth clients; family members and/or caregivers; county staff; child/youth advocates; other California state-level entities, including representatives of the Legislature, the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountablity Commission (MHSOAC) and the Mental Health Planning Council; as well as other members of the interested public.  Managed Care Plans are also included as a result of the June 2013 amendment (AB 82). 
To ensure that the Performance Outcomes System reflects the needs and values of partners and stakeholders, and that it aligns with the legislative mandate for this project, DHCS established an inclusive stakeholder process that began with the formation of a Performance Outcomes System Stakeholder Advisory Committee (POS-SAC) in September of 2012. To support the POS-SAC, two working subgroups were formed: the Subject Matter Expert (SME) Workgroup and the Measures Task Force (MTF).  These subgroups are intended to advise DHCS and to develop and present work products to the POS-SAC members, who, in turn, review and provide their comments and feedback. 

Performance Outcomes System Stakeholders Advisory Committee 

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