CBHPC Membership Applications

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The CBHPC strives to have a membership that represents California's geographic and cultural diversity across all age groups. We encourage and accept applications year-round as part of a continuous recruitment process. Appointments are made in late Fall in order to encourage attendance at the first quarterly meeting held in San Diego in January. Terms run for three years.

There are four appointment categories: 

  • Direct consumers of mental health services  
  • Parents and family members (half should be parents of a child with Severe Emotional Disturbance)  
  • Professionals/providers
  • Consumer-related advocates (representatives of organizations advocating on behalf of persons with mental disabilities.  A major purpose of these organizations must be to advocate for the rights of persons with mental disabilities or for their access to high-quality mental health services. Cannot be a provider of mental health services​)

The CBHPC is also strongly committed to leadership development through a mentoring model, and members are encouraged to volunteer for committee Chairpersons or Chairperson-Elect as they become familiar with Council activities and schedules. The Council Chairperson is elected bi-annually for a two-year term and is assisted by the past chair and the chair-elect.

If interested, please check our current ro​s​ter​​​​​​​ to identify current vacancies in each category and contact us at Inbox@​​cbhpc.dhcs.ca.gov​ to request an application.​

Your completed application for membership may be submitted by mail to: 

          Tyler Sadwith, Deputy Director​
          California Department of Health Care Services
          Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services
          MS 4000 / PO Box 997413
          Sacramento, CA   95899-7413

You may also submit an electronic version of your application by e-mail to: Inbox@​​cbhpc.dhcs.ca.gov​ ​

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