​​​​​CBHPC Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for all Planning Council decisions made between meetings of the full Planning Council.  The Executive Committee sets agenda for meetings; makes recom­mendations to the full Planning Council; and, as necessary, takes interim ac­tions consistent with Planning Council policy.

The Executive Committee recommends establishing standing committees to work on specific topics or issues that are not time-limited.  Standing committees can be abolished or created as needed.

The Executive Committee consists of the following members:

1. Chairperson
2. Chairperson-Elect
3. Past-Chairperson
4. Chair and Chair-Elect of the Workforce and Education Committee
5. Chair and Chair-Elect of the Legislation Committee
6. Chair and Chair-Elect of the Systems and Medicaid Committee
7. Chair and Chair-Elect of the Patients' Rights Committee
8. Chair and Chair-Elect of Housing and Homelessness Committee
9. Chair and Chair-Elect of Performance Outcomes Committee
10. Liaison with the Administration
11. Liaison with CMHDA
12. Liaison with the CALBHB/C
13. At-large member
14. Executive Officer of the CBHPC

Upcoming Meetings

Quarterly Meeting

Date: January 19, 2022

Time: 8:30 am to 10:15 am

Location: Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside, 4875 N Harbor Drive, San Diego, California 92106

Meeting agenda to be posted no later than 10 days prior to meeting.​​

Please visit the Executive Committee Meeting Archive page for information on past meetings.



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