Specialty Mental Health Services (SMHS) Provider Information

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This page contains information for Providers (and potential providers) of specialty mental health services (SMHS) to Medi-Cal beneficiaries in CA or in a CA Border Community.


"Providers" are:

  1. County-owned and operated clinics that provide specialty mental health services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries
  2. Individuals and organizations who are contracted with a CA county to provide specialty mental health services to Medi-Cal beneficiaries


This page, in conjunction with ProviderFile@dhcs.ca.gov, is designed to assist providers and share the resources available to understand provider processes including SMHS provider certification, documentation, monitoring, IT systems and policy requirements at both the county and State levels.


Current providers should submit inquiries or requests for information via email to ProviderFile@dhcs.ca.gov

        • You will receive an email response back up to 72 hours, along with a ticket number in the subject line, acknowledging receipt of your inquiry/submittal to ProviderFile
        • Please reference the assigned ticket number in all communications with the ProviderFile until your inquiry is resolved


ProviderFile@dhcs.ca.gov may also be used to request information and assistance with:


Access the DHCS Medi-Cal website.


MC 5840 Legal Entity File Update (LEFU)

MC 5829 Provider File Update (PFU)

How to...

Access the Online Provider System (OPS)


An employee/provider/clinician at a County-owned and operated specialty mental health services provider/clinic

An Individual or Organizational Contracted Provider of specialty mental health services

Complete a PFU

Complete an LEFU

Enroll in ITWS

Request a PIN

Understand/Interpret/Read the OPS Screen

Verify an NPI


CMS NPI Booklet

Information Letters and Notices

Provider System Documentation

SMHS Acronyms

Contact Us

Please submit all inquiries, requests or questions to: ProviderFile@dhcs.ca.gov


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