​​​​​​​​Educational Materials

The Training Center materials are currently being reviewed, please visit this page for updates as they become available.​


​Every Woman Counts Program Brochure

A brochure for informing your p​atients about program eligibility and services offered by EWC. You can download the latest versions here​:
EWC Brochure

​Reminder Cards

A perfect card for health providers to send to women to remind them it’s time for their breast and/or cervical cancer screening. This bilingual card is in English and Spanish, with ample space for a health provider to add a personalized message.
Reminder Card


​Free or Low Cost Insurance

Free or low cost insurance options for Every Woman Counts clients. Available in English, Spanish and Chinese.
Free or Low Cost Insurance  

​Covered California Pamphlet

Information on Covered California health insurance. Available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese​. ​
Covered California Pamphlet

​Know the Facts: Breast & Cervical Cancer

The Every Woman Counts fact sheets on Cervical Cancer​.

The Every Woman Counts fact sheets on Breast Cancer:

Know The Facts

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