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The California Children's Services (CCS) High Risk Infant Follow-Up (HRIF) program was established to identify infants who might develop CCS-eligible conditions after discharge from a CCS-approved Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). CCS Program standards require that each CCS-approved NICU must have an organized program or a written agreement with another CCS-approved HRIF Program to ensure the follow-up of discharged high risk infants.

The CCS Program’s goal of identifying infants who may develop a CCS-eligible medical condition provides for a number of diagnostic services for children up to three years of age. The following are reimbursable diagnostic services:

  • Comprehensive history and physical examination with neurologic assessment;
  • Developmental assessment (Bayley Scales of Infant Development [BSID] or an equivalent test);
  • Family psychosocial assessment;
  • Hearing assessment;
  • Ophthalmologic assessment; and
  • Coordinator services (including assisting families in accessing identified, needed interventions and facilitating linkages to other agencies and services).

Becoming a CCS-Paneled HRIF Provider

All HRIF services are provided by a multidisciplinary team including, but not limited, to a Medical Director (Pediatrician or Neonatologist), Social Worker, Ophthalmologist, Audiologist, an HRIF Coordinator, and an individual to perform the developmental assessment.

All members of the HRIF multidisciplinary team require CCS paneling except a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP), unless functioning as the HRIF Coordinator.  The HRIF Coordinator must be CCS-paneled.

Information regarding paneling and the online application can be found at: Becoming a California Children's Services Provider

Program Reporting Requirements and Forms

The California Children Services (CCS)/California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative (CPQCC) High Risk Infant Follow-up (HRIF) Quality of Care Initiative (QCI) has developed a web based reporting system for CCS HRIF-eligible clients.  CCS HRIF Programs are required to submit reports to CPQCC using the online HRIF Reporting System

If you are unable to sign in to the CCS HRIF Reporting System, contact:

Erika Gray, HRIF QCI Project Manager
California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative (CPQCC)
Phone (650) 725-1306
Email: eegray@stanford.edu

HRIF Program Letters

01-0419​04-24-19Clarification of Hypoglycemia Medical Eligibility Criteria
01-0917​10-02-17Clarification of Congenital Heart Disease Eligibility Criteria

​High Risk Infant Follow-Up (HRIF) Program Letter

Note: HRIF Program Letter 01-1016 supersedes HRIF Program Letter 01-1113


High Risk Infant Follow-Up (HRIF) Program Letter

Note: HRIF Program Letter 01-1113 supersedes HRIF Program Letter 01-0606



High Risk Infant Follow-Up (HRIF) Program Letter



CCS HRIF Special Care Center Directory Form



HRIF Required Report Forms


HRIF Directory Updates

Staffing changes and annual directory updates can be made on the CCS Special Care Center Directory Update Sheet (DHCS 4507).

HRIF Special Care Center numbers can be obtained at:



Contact Us

For questions, please contact us at the address or email below:

California Department of Health Care Services
Integrated Systems of Care Division
Provider and Facility Site Reviews Unit
P.O. Box 997437, MS 4502
Sacramento, CA 95899-7437

Email: CCSFacilityReview@dhcs.ca.gov


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