​​​​​​Medi-Cal Eligibility Procedures Manual

The Medi-Cal Eligibility Procedures Manual (MEPM) provides clarification to county social services staff on policies and procedures for making eligibility determinations for the Medi-Cal program.

Article ​Subject ​Revision Date
Table of Contents​07/08/93
​​Article 1 Definitions, Abbreviations and Program Terms​12/14/00
​Article 2Administration​08/27/03
​Article 3County of Responsibility​02/23/96 
​Article 4 Application Process (PDF, 4.45MB)


*Updated* 4V - Minor Consent
​Article 5Medi-Cal Programs 5A-5K (PDF, 15.34MB)​10/04/05
​Medi-Cal Programs 5L-5Z (PDF, 8.11MB)​10/04/05 
Article 6Institutional Status​04/18/01
Article 7 Alienage, Citizenship and Residence​​09/20/96
Article 8 Responsible Relatives and Unit Determination (PDF,  5.94MB)​04/23/03
Article 9Property​02/07/06
*Updated* Table of Contents ​01/30/20​
  *Updated* 9A - Life Estates​​12/16/19
*Updated* 9B - Motor Vehicles​08/13/20
*Updated* 9C - State Renter's Credit (Removed)01/07/20
​*Updated* 9D - Loans Requiring Repayment​11/06/20
Article 10 Income (PDF, 2.04MB) ​​06/17/08
​Article 11 Maintenance Need​​04/18/01         
Article 12 Share-of-Cost​​10/04/05
Article 14 Medi-Cal Card Use Issuance​​06/25/07
​​Article 15 Other Health Coverage and Medi-Cal Buy-In (PDF, 2.57MB)​10/04/05          
Article 16 Overpayments and Fraud​​10/04/05 
Article 17 Medi-Cal Treatment Programs​​09/18/97
Article 18 State Administrative Hearings​​09/29/86
Article 19 Special Services​​12/10/09
Article 20 Operations Systems Procedures​​10/04/05
​Article 21 Income and Eligibility Verification System (IEVS)(PDF, 4.43MB)​​02/15/01
​Article 22 Disability Determination Referrals (PDF, 4.70MB)​​03/09/07
​Article 23Medical Support Enforcement Program (PDF, 2.42MB)​​10/04/05
Article 24 Refugee Medical Assistance Program​​10/14/03
​Article 25 County Performance Standards​​03/04/09



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