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Reports and Measures Catalog

One of the first goals of the Performance Outcomes System was to create reports using existing data to evaluate specific population demographics and system performance metrics.  Reports can be displayed at multiple levels of aggregation such as Statewide, population-based county groupings and county level, while adhering to the DHCS Public Aggregate Reporting Guidelines in order to protect patient privacy.

The Measures Catalog was created to assist the reader in understanding or recreating the reports. The Measures Catalog provides the methodology and definitions for the measures.  It describes the population under consideration, data sources, values used and how they are defined.

All EPSDT Reports*

*These Methodology Notes pertain to the reports in this section.

Statewide Aggregate Reports

September 2018 Population Based Aggregate Reports

Large Population Counties.pdf

Large Population Counties - ADA.pdf

​Medium Population Counties.pdf

Medium Population Counties - ADA.pdf

Small Population Counties.pdf

Small Population Counties - ADA.pdf

Rural Population Counties.pdf

Rural Population Counties - ADA.pdf

County Level Aggregate Reports


Foster Care and Open Child Welfare Cases Reports (matched with CDSS data)*

*These Methodology Notes pertain to the reports in this section

September 2018 Foster Care Reports

Statewide Report.pdf​​ Statewide Report - ADA.pdf

Foster Care County Level Aggregate Reports

September 2018 Open Child Welfare Case Reports

Statewide Report.pdf​ Statewide Report - ADA.pdf

Open Child Welfare County Level Aggregate Reports


Consumer Perception Survey Reports

Youth and Family Statewide Consumer Perception Surveys 


Adult Statewide Consumer Perception Surveys

Adult Quality of Life Surveys

·      Statewide Aggregate Reports FYs 13/14 through 15/16 (ADA version)   


Other Reports

Measures Catalog*

*These Methodology Notes pertain to the catalogs in this section.

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