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The CBHPC advocates for children with serious emotional disturbances and adults and older adults with serious mental illness. The Legislation Committee discusses and decides what legislation to take action ​on and periodically updates our Policy Plat​form​ which is a dynamic document used to guide our legislative efforts. In addition to responding to active legislation, we advocate for appropriate funding and work with our collateral partners to protect Behavioral Health funds including Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) funds. 

Please visit the CBHPC Year-End Legislative Reports​ page for more information on legislative positions taken each calendar yea​r.​​

Peer Certification ​

As part of the Council's commitment to supporting Peer Certification, the former Quality Improvement Committee gathered information and heard presentations from advocacy groups and provider groups throughout 2014. The findings are distilled in its report "Peer Certification: What Are We Waiting For?". ​The Council continued to advocate for Peer Certification alongside several other behavioral health organizations. SB 803 was finally signed into law in 2020​. ​​​

​​Adult Residential​ Facilities 

​The Legislation Committee identified a need for increasing access to appropriately staffed and maintained Adult Residential Facilities (ARFs) in California for adults (including older adults) with mental illness, as outlined in the 2018 Adult Residential Facilities (ARFs) Issue paper. The Council continues to advocate for appropriate funding for ARFs. 


​The COVID-19 pandemic ​exacerbated the already existing mental health and addiction workforce crisis, compelling the Council to advocate for this issue at the Federal level in addition to our typical state advocacy. ​​​

​Funding Requests​

The Council has a long-standing commitment to advocating for appropriate funding for California's public behavioral health system. Our efforts include advocating for the preservation of Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Funds and partnering with other organizations to support requests for additional funding when needed. 


Below are some legislative resources that may be helpful:

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