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Aid Code Master Chart (SDMC)

The Aid Code Master Chart (SDMC) is a PDF that is regularly updated. 

Client & Service Information (CSI) and Data Collection Reporting (DCR) Systems

CSI & DCR Home Page  

Certification Forms

MC 1982 A: SDMC Monthly Claim for Reimbursement - Treatment Cost.pdf 

MC 1982 B: SDMC Quarterly Claim for Reimbursement - Administrative Cost.xls

MC 1982 C: SDMC Monthly Claim for Reimbursement - Quality Assurance/Utilization Review (QA/UR) Cost.xls

MC 1982 D: SDMC Quarterly Claim for Reimbursement - Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA).xls  

MC 1982 G: SD/MC Quarterly Claim for Reimbursement - Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA).xls

County Interim Rate Table

FY 2018-19 County Interim Rate

FY 2017-18 County Interim Rate

FY 2016-17 County Interim Rate

FY 2015-16 County Interim Rate Table.pdf

FY 2014-15 County Interim Rate Table.pdf

Direct Services: County Payment Status (Status update as of 11/21/2016)

The Direct Services Table is in the process of being updated. The estimated time frame is yet to be determined.

11/21/2016 Direct Services County Payment Status


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EPSDT State General Fund (SGF) Payment Tables     

FY 2010-11 EPSDT SGF County Ratios.pdf

FY 2009-10 EPSDT SGF County Ratios.pdf

FY 2008-09 EPSDT SGF County Ratios.pdf

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Katie A. Implementation

 Katie A. Settlement Agreement Implementation homepage

Managed Care Allocations

FY10-11 Managed Care Allocation Distribution

FY10-11 Managed Care Allocation Final          

FY09-10 Managed Care Allocation Distribution

FY09-10 Managed Care Allocation Final

Mental Health Provider Statement Information 

Field Definitions.pdf

Differences between MHP Statement and Weekly Report.pdf 

Where to Download an MHP Statement.pdf 

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References and Manuals

837 Claim File Submission Validation (SR, TA1, 999).pdf

ACA Information 

Mental Health Medi-Cal Billing Manual (Rev. 10/13)

Procedure Code Crosswalk.pdf

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