​​​​​DHCS Coverage Ambassadors Webinar ​Questions and Answers

​Is DHCS conducting a Spanish​ version of the DHCS Coverage Ambassador webinar? 

Yes, DHCS hosted the DHCS Coverage Ambassadors webinar in Spanish on June 21, 2022. 

Will DHCS post webinar recordings on​line? 

Yes, the recording is posted and can be accessed here DHCS Coverage Ambassadors Webinar.

Is the DHCS Coverage Ambassador webinar PowerPoint ava​ilable? 

The PowerPoint is posted and can be accessed here DHCS Coverage Ambassadors Powerpoint.

Are there printed materials available from DHCS such a​s flyers? 

DHCS will have English and Spanish flyers available for request. DHCS will send instructions on how to request material once it becomes available.

When is the end date of the COVID-19 public health emerg​ency? 

The end date for the COVID-19 public health emergency is unknown. The current public health emergency declaration is expected to last through July 15, 2022. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) committed to providing California with a 60-day notice before ending the public health emergency. DHCS has not received a 60-day notice and anticipate the public health emergency to extend beyond July 15.

Where can organizations download the flye​​r?

The flyers are available to download: DHCS Coverage Ambassadors Webpage 

Is the DHCS Coverage Ambassadors a paid posit​ion? 

Unfortunately, this is not a paid position. 

Will renewal packets be sent to all Medi-Cal b​eneficiaries?

Every Medi-Cal beneficiary will receive notification regarding the annual renewal. However, not every Medi-Cal beneficiary will receive an annual renewal packet as the county may renew their eligibility using available information and data bases. The annual renewal form is prepopulated which allows an easy and consistent process for Medi-Cal beneficiaries to look at the information and provide necessary updates. The annual renewal form is mailed out, but that is not the only way an individual has to complete the annual renewal. The annual renewal can be completed by calling the local county office, telephonically, online, email, in person or by mail.

What languages are materials available t​o download? 

English, Spanish, Arabic, Armenian, Cambodian, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Mien, Punjabi, Russian, Tagalog, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

Will the toolkits be available in non-threshold la​nguages?

The outreach materials will be translated into all threshold languages. The toolkit providing instructions to the DHCS Coverage Ambassadors will be available in English and Spanish.

Is the public health emergency unwinding going to be different for Me​​di-Cal Beneficiaries based on their eligibility, such as seniors and people with disabilities? 

To simplify the complexity of the PHE unwinding process, DHCS will maintain the Medi-Cal beneficiaries’ current renewal month in their case records and conduct a full redetermination at the next scheduled renewal month following the end of the PHE. This approach achieves the following: 
  1. ​Least disruptive to county workloads on both an initial and ongoing basis.
  2. Aligns, to the greatest extent possible, on when Medi-Cal and CHIP beneficiaries usually expect to receive their auto-renewal letters or packets requesting additional information if auto-renewal is not successful, prior to the PHE. This familiarity is critical as DHCS rolls out the communication and outreach campaign discussed below. 
  3. Retains a similar pre-COVID-19 redetermination caseload distribution across the state, adjusting for the growth factor of individuals who enrolled into coverage and were protected through the continuous coverage requirements.

Do reposted messages from various sites such as DHCS, ​county, and other organizations have to be pre-approved for the Medi-Cal managed care plans to use?

Medi-Cal managed care plans should follow the existing approval processes and guidelines for outreach materials. Managed care plans may contact their DHCS Contract Manager if there are additional questions.

How are you tracking the effectiveness of this communication stra​tegy and is currently looking now? 

DHCS is currently looking for a vendor that will prepare monthly progress reports. The monthly report will summarize the performance metrics, including, but not limited to, media impressions, reach, frequency, delivery, completed video views, and website traffic. 

What is the difference between BenefitsCal an​d MyBenefits CalWIN?

The counties use two different systems to determine eligibility for Medi-Cal and to case manage Medi-Cal programs. Each system has its own portal that Medi-Cal beneficiaries use to access case information. Counties that are CalSAWS use an online portal called BenefitsCal, while those counties that use the CalWIN system use an online portal called MyBenefits CalWIN. The counties and their online portal can be found here: DHCS Keep Your Medi-Cal page.

Will DHCS Provide Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for A​mbassadors to use?

DHCS is currently looking into this option for IVRs.

Will the information be available in alternative format such a​s large print and braille? 

Yes, DHCS will provide materials in large print. If there's need for a printed Braile version, please reach out to DHCS to make this request.

Will the Phase 1 toolkit will also be translated into S​panish?

Yes, the Phase 1 toolkit will be translated into Spanish. DHCS will send a notification once it becomes available.

Does everyone from an organization need to sign up as a DHCS Coverage Amb​assador or only one person?

It is up to the organization if they want to have one point of contact to disseminate information to the organization or if an organization wants to sign up multiple individuals to be a DHCS Coverage Ambassador. DHCS is leaving it up to our community partners to decide what organizational capacity they currently have and will support every way organizations want to engage. 

Will we be able to receive a list of ambassadors out in the community so we can​​ partner with them. 

Due to the limited information DHCS gathers on the Coverage Ambassador, posting a list of DHCS Coverage Ambassadors would not be possible at this time. DHCS is currently exploring other ways that DHCS Coverage Ambassadors may voluntarily participate in a public list of participating organizations.

We currently utilize Covered California to apply for Medi-Cal benefits. Woul​d we be able to update the Covered California application to reflect changes? Or would we need to refer the recipient to the county ​​office?

Covered California certified enrollment counselors and agents are limited on what the assistance they can provide to existing Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Medi-Cal Beneficiaries can report  changes on the Covered California portal and the changes will be  automatically sent to the county  to update the case. DHCS Coverage Ambassadors are encouraged to leverage  online portals to report changes. 

Can updated contact information be provided o​nline? 

Yes, counties that are CalSAWS use an online portal called BenefitsCal, while those counties that use the CalWIN system use an online portal called MyBenefits CalWIN. DHCS Coverage Ambassadors can go to this webpage DHCS Keep Your Medi-Cal​ to find out which county uses which portal.

Can ambassadors be given access to update addresses directly in​​ the DHCS system?

The county eligibility offices case manages most Medi-Cal beneficiaries' eligibility, including the beneficiaries’ contact information. Medi-Cal beneficiaries should report updated address information to the counties by phone, mail, in person, electronically, or online.

If Medi-Cal beneficiaries create accounts and update their info​rmation online, do they still need to contact their county to update? 

No, they will not have to contact their county if they have already updated online.

Are there any other websites for Medi-Cal beneficiaries to update​ their information other than BenefitsCal or MyBenefitsCa]lWIN?

Medi-Cal beneficiaries can also use the Covered California portal. 

Can ambassadors, train, ambassador and team up that have different langu​age culture? 

Yes, different organizations and coverage ambassadors may partner together for this effort and spread the word.

There are some counties that have no email option, is that optional for c​ounties? 

Only counties with an established secure email system may use this option. Currently, not all counties have this functionality available.

Can a community-based organization report an address change on the Med​i-Cal beneficiary's behalf? 

The Medi-Cal beneficiary or someone acting as an authorized representative on their behalf must report the address change to the county. A community-based organization must be an authorized representative for that Medi-Cal beneficiary in order to report the change. In instances when the community-based organization is not the authorized representative, the Medi-Cal beneficiary should be redirected to the county to report the address change through any of the allowable methods.

Should Medi-Cal beneficiaries return completed renewal packets dur​ing the PHE?

Medi-Cal beneficiaries are not required to return completed renewal packets during the PHE, however, are encouraged to report any change in circumstance that would positively impact their case, such as a reduction in countable income.​

Will there be a notice of action other than the renewal p​acket?

Yes, all Medi-Cal beneficiaries will receive a letter that informs them of the end of the public health emergency and what the next steps will be.

Is there a grace period after the PHE ends before Medi-Cal beneficiaries are disconti​nued?

Medi-Cal beneficiaries will not be discontinued immediately at the end of the PHE. DHCS will maintain the Medi-Cal beneficiaries’ current renewal month in their case records and conduct a full redetermination at the next scheduled renewal month following the end of the PHE. Individuals no longer eligible to Medi-Cal will be assessed for other health coverage through Covered California.

Will DHCS Coverage Ambassadors be receiving the update on PHE end​ date to communicate that with the community?​

Yes, DHCS will send a notification to all DHCS Coverage Ambassadors once we find out the PHE end date.

Last modified date: 7/20/2022 9:27 AM