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Medi-Cal Managed Care

 ​​Medi-Cal Managed Care provides high quality, accessible, and cost-effective health care through managed care delivery systems. 

Medi-Cal Managed Care contracts for health care services through established networks of organized systems of care, which emphasize primary and preventive care.  Managed care plans are a cost-effective use of health care resources that improve health care access and assure quality of care.  Today, approximately 10.8 million Medi-Cal beneficiaries in all 58 California counties receive their health care through six main models of managed care: Two-Plan, County Organized Health Systems (COHS), Geographic Managed Care (GMC), Regional Model (RM), Imperial, and San Benito. Medi-Cal providers who wish to provide services to managed care enrollees must participate in the managed care plan’s provider network. ​​​​​​

Last modified on: 9/27/2018 3:32 PM